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Water Repellant / Reducing water absorption


KIROTA is a transparent liquid, which penetrates into the substrate and forms a water repellant seal that preserves the aesthetic beauty of concrete, stone, masonry and stucco. Treated surfaces resist moisture penetration, dirt, hydrocarbon emissions and airborne contaminants. The protective layer of KIROTA hardens the concrete surface to prevent minor spalling, dusting and efflorescence. Treated surfaces will not darken during rainy periods and ultraviolet deterioration and adherence of rust are inhibited.

KIROTA is a blend of non-yellowing silicones. Application of KIROTA REGULAR produces virtually no darkening or change in colour of the surface.

KIROTA is very efficient in reducing water absorption (< 6,0%) in precast dry concrete products at dosages of 0,5 – 1,2 lt/50kg cement.


Surfaces to be treated must be sound, clean and without water pools prior to application. Remove any dirt, efflorescence or other material with water and wire brush. Thoroughly clean the surface and allow it to dry. Spalls and major cracks, other than hairline cracks, should be repaired prior to application. Apply KIROTA with airless spray equipment, a hand sprayer or stiff brush. On porous surfaces, spray edge perimeter with a relatively heavy spray. Apply KIROTA in a uniform manner that fully wets out the surface yet does not cause flooding or rundowns. On vertical surfaces apply from top to bottom. New concrete should cure for the equivalent of at least 28 days before product application. Use clean water to remove KIROTA from tools and equipment.

KIROTA Specifications

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