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Uni Acrylic Bondcrete

Acrylic Emulsion


Uni-Acrylic Bondcrete is a 100% acrylic emulsion, high strength admixture and bonding agent for Portland cement concrete.


For Use as an admixture
Uni-Acrylic Bondcrete makes an excellent admixture for mortar used in patching, topping, and levelling. Mix three volumes of silica sand with one volume of Portland cement. Uni-Acrylic Bondcrete should be added in amounts that provide 4.5% polymer solids based on cement weight. Uni-Acrylic Bondcrete
(8.8 litres) diluted with water (8.8 litres) of water per sack of cement (50 kg) will achieve the recommended proportion.

Uni-Acrylic Bondcrete can be added directly to the dry mortar to produce a more fluid mix. Keep in mind that the addition of Uni-Acrylic Bondcrete reduces the overall amount of water needed to achieve a given consistency. A low stump mix for filling cracks.

For horizontal surfaces a bond coat of Uni-Acrylic Bondcrete is desirable as a primer.

Uni-Acrylic Bondcrete makes an effective topping, patching, and sacking mortar that is ideally suited for very thin application for leather edge to 13mm. Improved hydration of the cement plus the strengthening properties of the acrylic polymer allow thin applications without failure due to moisture loss. It is excellent for concrete sacking and leaves a smooth, durable surface. Uni-Acrylic Bondcrete patches and toppings up to 51mm thick provide excellent adhesion, strength and chemical resistance. Thicker topping may be applied, but provide little additional benefit.

For use as a bonding agent
Carefully prepare the surface to be bonded. Blasting with high-pressure water is usually all that is necessary to clean the surface. Concrete contaminated with grease, oil, or other material that would prevent adhesion should be scrubbed with a 10% hydrochloric acid solution followed by thorough water rinse. Sandblasting may be required for severely contaminated surfaces.
Immediately prior to application mix Uni-Acrylic Bondcrete thoroughly to properly distribute the active ingredients. To bond fresh concrete apply a thin coat of full strength Uni-Acrylic Bondcrete to the substrate. Use a brush, roller hand sprayer or power sprayer to spread Uni-Acrylic Bondcrete at a rate of 5 to 6 m2/litre. The surface should be damp but free of standing water.

If the surface is dry, it is best to dampen the substrate with a light log spray prior to application. This allows the bond coat to spread on the surface. Wait a minimum of 40 minutes before pouring fresh concrete over the bonding layer.


Uni-Acrylic Bondcrete provides improved resistance to impact, abrasion, moisture and attack by acids and other water-soluble chemicals. Improved cement hydration and bonding properties result in a high strength mortar that is effective in thin applications down to leather edge. The acrylic bond coat retains its adhesive strength even under damp exterior conditions. It is excellent for bonding new concrete to existing floors, walls or other sound surfaces such as metal, brick or concrete block.


Viscosity, cps: 350.0
pH: 9.0
Specific Gravity: 1.03
Freeze/thaw stability: Stable
Type: Acrylic

Uni Acrylic Bondcrete Specifications

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