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Uni-O-Lith is a solution of magnesium and/or zinc fluosilicates in water. When applied to cured concrete, it will produce a dense, hard and dustproof surface. This mineral reinforcement produces a dense surface that significantly reduces the absorption of water, oils greases, salts, chlorides and sulphates. Liquid fluosilicates are used when the cost of metallic or aggregate toppings cannot be justified.


Surface Preparation
Floors shall be clean and dry to permit maximum penetration. The use of curing compounds and/or bond-breakers may interfere with penetration. Test for absorption before applying Uni- O-Lith.

Old Concrete
Excessively worm floors or those badly eroded by acids and other spillages must be checked to determine the soundness of using fluosilicates. Other products may be available to meet these conditions.

For best results apply with a brush or squeegee. If white crystals develop after the first or second coat. It is a sign of too strong a solution or that the surface has reached maximum hardness. If this occurs the application should be stopped and the surface flushed with clean hot water, brushed with a stiff bristle broom then allowed to dry.


  • Economical, one time treatment for life of floor.
  • Highly resistant to salts, de-icing agents, solvents and water.
  • Effective against most acids, fungus, marine growth, mildew, alkalis, fuels, solvents, fatty acids, vegetable oils, grease, mineral oils, synthetic organic acids, sugars and syrups.
  • Equally effective on exterior or interior concrete surfaces.
  • Chemical hardening action occurs immediately and in depth, leaving no surface film ordiscoloration.
  • Easy to apply by spray, long handled pushbroom or squeegee.


Uni-O-Lith liquid hardener should not be applied until concrete floors have cured at least 28 days and are free of any material or substance which will impair the penetration of the solution (water, paper, or polyethylene are preferred curing methods). If a membrane curing compound has been used, the concrete surface should be scrubbed with a solution of trisodium phosphate (TSP), 0.12 kg/litres of water before application of liquid hardener. Be certain surface is thoroughly dry before applying Uni-O-Lith.

Do not use on colored concrete because it will leave a non-uniform appearance. Do not allow hardener to puddle and dry on the surface because it will crystallize and form unsightly blotches which are difficult to remove.

UNI -O- LITH Specifications

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