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Uni Primer

2 part Epoxy Primer


UNI - Primer is a remarkably successful Epoxy Resin Solvent Less Priming System comprising a very simple to mix and use twin-pack coating which can be applied directly to concrete.
Further it offers a tough, resilient, impermeable brush/roller applied covering for protection of concrete floors.
Product is according to European Standard EN 13813:2002 Screed materials and floor screeds - Screed materials - Properties and Requirements.


Concrete substrates must be free from loose material, dust, laitence, debris and other contaminants. Any oil or grease deposits can be removed by a hot detergent wash with a suitable cleaner available from Frinics Chemicals. Any laitance or ingrained oil and grease will require
mechanical removal by using grid blasting machine. Dust must be removed by vacuum machine before application of the product. Damage to substrate or incorrect falls should be rectified using Unibond screed before applying the UNI - Primer system.


Concrete Substrate must be strong, stable and sound with
a minimum compressive strength 25N/mm2.
Also substrate can be Steel and Timber.
For application on previous flooring please contact Frinics Chemicals Technical services for specific advice.


UNI - Primer is supplied in a two part system, and has a base and hardener components.
The Hardener should be added to the Base and stirred thoroughly for at least 2 minutes with a suitable slow speed drill and paddle. Allow to stand for 5 minutes before application onto prepared concrete.


Apply the mixed material to the concrete surface using a brush or roller or airless spray. Brush out any primer which puddles in low areas on slabs (horizontals) or runs or sags on formed surfaces (verticals) during application. If primer is left for more than 24 hours before overcoating it will be necessary to re-prime.


UNI - Primer is used for priming concrete substrates, cement screeds and epoxy mortars. It is used as a primer for UNIGUARD, UNISHIELD SL, UNIFLOR, UNICRETE e.t.c.
UNI - Primer has a wide resistance to inorganic acids, alkalies, salts, solvents, oils and greases etc. It is designed to obtain strong permanent adhesion to dry/damp/wet surfaces to a wide range of substrates including metal, concrete, brickwork etc.
Also by adding powder, an efficient patching compound for floors and walls both concrete and brickwork can be used.



  • Priming surfaces for epoxy floor coverings and many others with short waiting time.
  • A powerful adhesive/bonding agent.
  • Low viscosity and good penetration
  • Excellent bond strength and easy application
  • Multi purposes
  • Fast effective repairs/coatings to sea-walls, pools, tanks, sumps, drains, channels etc.
  • Machine bedding and grouting.

Uni Primer Specifications

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