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Uni-Res-X is a clear, all resin base liquid membrane forming concrete curing compound. It is a solution of resinous solids and petroleum solvent. It contains no wax, paraffin or oil. A fugitive dye is added to provide a visual check of coverage during application.


Apply as curing compound on newly poured concrete surfaces immediately after final finishing when the water sheen has disappeared.

The most effective means of application is by hand or power sprayer. Care should be taken to insure an even film is obtained without over or under applying. Application is not recommended at temperatures below 4oC.

Excessive application or puddling will increase oxidation time and may necessitate manual removal of the membrane prior to coating or painting. Any residue remaining can easily be removed by wire brushing or by washing with a light solution of hydrochloric acid or tri-sodium phosphate.


Uni-Res-X is a clear cure that dries quickly to a hard, vapour-proof membrane. Uni-Res-X forms a continuous film for the critical curing period, and then starts an oxidation cycle. During a normal oxidation period of 45 to 60 days with exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet light, this film will oxidize and disintegrate into a dry powder dust. Powder should be removed with a wire brush before applying paint, floor tile adhesive, or other coatings.

Res-X is especially desirable for interior or exterior concrete, which will receive additional treatment such as paint, coatings or flooring material.


White pigment may be added on request.

Uni-Res-X Specifications

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