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Uni-Silicate Cure

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Uni-Silicate Cure is an aqueous solution of sodium silicate. It does not contain waxes, paraffins, resins or oils. Uni-Silicate Cure penetrates the concrete surface and provides increased resistance to abrasion and wear without leaving a surface film. The treated concrete resists staining by oils and damage from a wide range of acids and chemicals. Uni-Silicate Cure also substantially reduces water seepage and surface dusting. After the surface has dried, paint, adhesives or other coatings may be applied to the concrete.

Uni-Silicate Cure is useful as a curing aid and surface conditioner for freshly poured and finished concrete. It is an excellent hardener and surface conditioner for parking lot pavements, garage floors, driveways, maintenance areas or any surface subject to abrasion and chemical damage or staining. This water-based conditioner is especially useful in areas where flammable, solvent-based materials might be hazardous.


Thoroughly clean the concrete surface by sweeping, hosing or scrubbing as required. Use a hand sprayer, power sprayer, brush or roller to apply Uni-Silicate Cure. It also may be poured and spread with a stiff broom. Spread a continuous uniform film at a rate of 6 to 10 m2/L. Apply Uni-Silicate Cure to freshly poured concrete surfaces immediately after the final trowelling.

For multiple coatings, allow at least two hours drying time between applications. Concrete should dry for 24 hours before heavy traffic is permitted.

For cleanup, thoroughly rinse application equipment with water.


Appearance: Low viscosity liquid.
Density: 1.1 kg/L
Flash Point: None, Water-based product

Uni-Silicate Cure Specifications

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