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Unicote W/D

2 part Epoxy Floor Coating Waterborne (Water – Based)


Unicote W/D Epoxy coating waterborne is a two component pigmented water dispersed epoxy resin coating. It has a very good adhesion to most sound substrates and provides a dustproof easily cleaned surface, with good chemical spillage resistance.
Product is according to European Standard EN 13813:2002 Screed materials and floor screeds - Screed materials - Properties and Requirements.


Surfaces must be free from loose dust, debris and other contaminants. Any oil or grease deposits can be removed by a hot detergent wash with a suitable cleaner such as Uniclean, available from Frinics.
Any laitance or ingrained oil and grease will require mechanical removal by using grid blasting machine. Dust must be removed by vacuum machine before application of the product. Damage to substrate or incorrect falls should be
rectified using Unibond screed before applying the Unicote W/D system.


Concrete Substrate must be strong, stable and sound with a minimum compressive strength 25N/mm2. Also can be used in tiles, metal, previous coatings.
For application on previous flooring please contact Frinics Technical services for specific advice.


Unicote W/D is supplied in a one part system, the topcoat
comprising of the topcoat which has base and hardener components. The topcoat can be used as a primer by adding in the mixed material 25% of water.

The pigmented base must be thoroughly stirred and agitated to disperse sedimentation and achieve consistency of colour. The hardener should then be added to the base component and mixed thoroughly. Take care to minimize foaming. Allow to stand for 2-3 minutes before application onto prepared concrete.
Up to 10% of clean water may be added to the mixed material if required.


Apply a sufficient thickness of the primer and the topcoat using a roller suitable for use with waterborne systems or airless spray to achieve an even substantial coat of the surface area in a sufficient thickness. When applied by roller to very rough substrates, care must be taken to avoid the formation of puddles in which excessively high wet film thicknesses occur. Water can become encapsulated in the film, which under certain circumstances can result in flaws. For general use 1 coat primer and 2 coats of paint is recommended.


The Unicote W/D is widely used for lining potable water tanks and as light duty industrial flooring for kitchens, food preparation areas, garages, and storage areas. A slip resistant finish is also available by sprinkling special sand into the surface.

It is ideal for use in areas where solvents are not permitted and in confined spaces where ventilation may be inadequate.



  • Self-Priming and Dustproof
  • Durable Finish
  • Suitable for Light Warehouse Traffic
  • Easy and fast to apply
  • Water Dispersible System
  • Suitable for Hygiene Linings
  • Environmentally friendly and can be applied in unventilatory uses.
  • Economical System
  • Good Resistance to Dilute Chemical Solutions
  • Greatly Superior to “One Pack” Paints and Linings
  • Slip resistant finish is also available

Unicote W/D Specifications

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