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Solvent Free Epoxy Screed


Uniflor Solvent Free Epoxy Screed is a corrosion resistant flooring system, specifically formulated to withstand wear and the action of a wide range of chemicals. Product is according to European Standard EN 13813:2002 Screed materials and floor screeds - Screed materials - Properties and Requirements.

The screed is trowel applied and cures by chemical reaction using solvent free resins and offers a slip resistant texture even in wet conditions. The flooring is formulated to withstand chemicals such as common inorganic acids, alkalies, salt solutions, mineral and animal oils, fats and greases and many solvents.

However, it is not recommended for use with oxidizing acids or organic acids over 2 per cent concentration. For advice on resistance to specific chemicals, please contact Frinics Technical Services department.


Surfaces must be free from loose dust, debris and other contaminants. Any oil or grease deposits must be removed by a hot detergent wash with a suitable cleaner such as Uniclean, available from Frinics. Any laitance or ingrained oil and grease will require mechanical removal by using grid blasting machine. Dust must be removed by vacuum machine before application of the product. Damage to substrate or incorrect falls should be rectified using Unibond screed before applying the Uniflor system.


Uniflor is not suitable for application to standard sand/cement screeds. Concrete Substrate must be strong, stable and sound with a minimum compressive strength 25N/mm2.
For application on previous flooring please contact Frinics Technical services for specific advice.
All movement joints in the base screed must be duplicated in the Uniflor. This includes their incorporation around perimeters, up stands and permanent obstructions in the floor.


Uniflor solvent free epoxy screed is supplied in a three part system, comprising of a UNI - Primer, Uniflor Screed and Uniflor Sealer layer.
UNI - Primer - Add the primer hardener unit to the contents of the primer base container and mix thoroughly. Allow to stand for 5 minutes before application onto prepared concrete.

Uniflor Screed - Thoroughly mix the unit of Uniflor Base with a slow speed electric drill to re-disperse colour pigment. When dispersion has been achieved add one unit of Uniflor Hardener and again mix with a slow speed electric drill. When complete mixing of the Base and Hardener has been achieved pour the resultant mix into a mechanical mixer (Rotary Drum/Static Blade) add the Uniflor Screed Powder and mix for approximately 3-5 minutes.

Uniflor Sealer - Thoroughly mix one unit of Uniflor Sealer base with one unit of Uniflor Sealer hardener, using a slow speed electric drill and suitable paddle.


Due to the expertise required in applying this product only approved applicators are used. The UNI - Primer layer can be applied by suitable brush or roller or airless spray, the Uniflor screed by trowel and Uniflor Sealer by trowel or squeegee.

UNI - Primer - Apply using either a suitable brush or roller or airless spray to achieve an even coating of the surface area. It is recommended that the screed be applied immediately after the primer layer and in any case within 4 to 5 hours, otherwise repriming will be necessary. In this event the primer must be abraded prior to reapplication of another primer coat.

Uniflor Screed - Use 5mm battens to gauge thickness and apply the well mixed screed to the tacky primer, spreading evenly using metal rakes. Level off with an aluminium straight edge and finish with a trowel float. It is essential that the screed be compressed by the trowel to produce a well compacted screed. AVOID OVER TROWELLING.

Uniflor Sealer - After the Uniflor screed has initially set it is necessary to apply a coat of Uniflor Sealer. Apply the mixed material to an uncontaminated screed using a trowel or rubber squeegee and work well into the surface, thus filling all voids. Any excess sealer must then be removed with a white rubber squeegee. The finished surface must have the minimum thickness of sealer attainable.


Uniflor’s exceptional durability and long life characteristics make it suitable for use in a wide variety of industrial applications.

  • As a corrosion resistant floor in food processing, brewing, chemical and heavy engineering industries.
  • In areas subject to chemical spillage and regular heavy


  • Ideal for food, and beverage factories.
  • Wide resistance to chemical and mechanical corrosion.
  • Solvent free epoxy screed.
  • Hardwearing and abrasion resistant.
  • Excellent adhesion to clean, sound surfaces.
  • Easy to apply, even to damp surfaces.
  • Slip resistant, even in wet conditions.
  • Can be applied to vertical surfaces as skirting.

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