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Uniplast AM90

Air Entraining Mortar Admixture


UNIPLAST AM90 is an air entraining admixture which is easily dispersed in water.

UNIPLAST AM90 entrains a controlled quantity of small air bubbles which impart cohesion and workability to a mortar and improve its durability when set. These bubbles are particularly stable, improving mortar quality and assisting in keeping mix workability at satisfactory levels.
Careful selection of dosage and use in combination with Uniplast RM11 retarding agent allows extension of the working life of a pre-mixed mortar as suitable for the laying of bricks and blocks.


UNIPLAST AM90 complies with CYS EN934-3:2009+A1:2012
Table 4 – General requirements and
Table 3 – Additional requirements for admixtures for long term retarded, ready to use mortar at equal consistence.
UNIPLAST AM90 is certified by CERTIF (Certification Organization) with the Certificate of the Factory Production Control with Certificate Number 1328 - CPR - 0063 and bears CE marking.


Appearance: Liquid
Colour: Clear
Specific Gravity: 1,003± 0,002 at 20°C
pH: 6,50 ± 1,0 at 20°C
Chloride Content: Chloride Free


Trials should be carried out with the proposed mix in order to determine the optimum dosage of UNIPLAST AM90. Typical dosage levels for UNIPLAST AM90 to produce an air content of approximately 18% in a sand: cement mortar lie in the range of 0.20 to 0.60 litres / 100 kg of cement. Where lime is used in the mortar mix the dosage is likely to be increased, typically to 0.30 to 1.00 litres /100 kg of cement.

Where lime is used in the mortar mix the admixture should be dosed on the total amount of lime and cement in the mix. Dosages outside the typical ranges quoted below may be used if necessary and suitable to meet particular mix requirements, provided that adequate supervision is available.


  • To produce in conjunction with UNIPLAST RM11 retarding admixture a pre-mixed retarded mortar with a usable life of up to 48 hours.
  • To improve the workability and trowelling properties of fresh sand: cement mortars and to increase the frost resistance of the hardened mortar.



  • Air entrainment increases the resistance of mortars and concrete to attack by frost and de-icing salts.
  • Produces a highly stable air entrained system.
  • Improves troweling properties of mortars.
  • Air entrainment increases mortar yield.
  • Suitable for use in lime containing and lime –free mixes.
  • Suitable for use in pigmented mortars
  • In combination with Uniplast RM11 retarding admixture, provides a mortar with extended working life up to 48 hours and increase the consistency of the mortar.

Uniplast AM90 Specifications

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