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Uniplast IW21

Integral "Waterproofing" Concrete Admixture (Water Resisting)


UNIPLAST IW21 is a formulated blend of inorganic plasticisers and waterproofing chemicals which is easily dispersed in water.

UNIPLAST IW21 entrains less than 2% of additional air to concrete at normal dosages.

UNIPLAST IW21 when added to concrete mix, acts as a powerful dispersing agent enabling the water content to perform more efficiently, by causing cement particles, which tend to agglomerate, to disperses and expose a larger surface area. The hydrated reaction proceeds more efficiently with less water. The use of Uniplast IW21 promotes water reductions giving a denser concrete of significantly reduced permeability.

The concrete shall be ‘waterproofed’ with UNIPLAST IW21 as supplied by the manufacturers and used strictly in accordance with their instructions.


UNIPLAST IW21 complies with CYS EN934-2:2009 +A1:2012 Table 9 - Specific requirements for water resisting admixtures (at equal consistence or equal w/c ratio.)

UNIPLAST IW21 is certified by CERTIF (Certification Organization) with the Certificate of the Factory Production Control with Certificate Number 1328 - CPR - 0063 and bears CE marking.


Appearance: Liquid
Colour: Red
Specific Gravity: 1,1± 0,01 at 20°C
pH: 7,5 ± 1,0 at 20°C
Chloride Content: Chloride Free


Trials should be carried out with the proposed concrete mix in order to determine the optimum dosage of UNIPLAST IW21.

UNIPLAST IW21 for ‘waterproofing’ mass and structural concrete is added at the rate of

1.25 to 1.50 litres/m3 concrete. Care must be taken to ensure good grading of aggregates. Minimum cement content of 300 kg/ m3 is recommended.

UNIPLAST IW21 is compatible with all types of cement which are produced in Cyprus and performs extremely well with microsilica. It can also be combined with all other Concrete Admixtures manufactured by our company.


  • To waterproof concrete as well as mortar, structural and precast concrete, renderings, brickwork mortar and screeds. Ideal for swimming pools, sea walls, basements and tunnels.


  • Chloride free, safe to be used in reinforced and prestressed or marine concrete.
  • Reduces the added water thus increasing density with reduced porosity resulting in substantially improved water penetration resistance.
  • Increases compressive strengths at all ages due to water reducing properties.

Uniplast IW21 Specifications

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