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Uniplast NC

Set Accelerating Concrete Admixture


UNIPLAST NC is a blend of inorganic and organic chemicals which is easily dispersed in water.

UNIPLAST NC entrains less than 2% of additional air to concrete at normal dosages.

The addition of UNIPLAST NC to concrete mixes accelerates both the setting and rate of strength gain. The strength improvements are most significant during the first 18 hours. If no change is made in the water/cement ratios, the ultimate strengths will be similar to those obtained using the same mixes without UNIPLAST NC.

The accelerating and water reducing properties can be used to improve both early and ultimate strengths achievable even with Rapid hardening cement. This can enable economic and practical alternatives to high alumina cement mixes to be produced for high early strength applications.


UNIPLAST NC complies with CYS EN934-2:2009 +A1:2012 Table 6 - Specific requirements for set accelerating admixtures (at equal consistence).

UNIPLAST AE121 is certified by CERTIF (Certification Organization) with the Certificate of the Factory Production Control with Certificate Number 1328 - CPR - 0063 and bears CE marking.


Appearance: Liquid
Colour: Light Straw
Specific Gravity: 1,265± 0,01 at 20°C
pH: 9,75 ± 1,0 at 20°C
Chloride Content: Chloride Free


Trials should be carried out with the proposed concrete mix in order to determine the optimum dosage of UNIPLAST NC.

Suggested starting point dosages are 1.15 to 1.30 litres / 50 kg of cement. Higher dosages may be used under adequate supervision.

UNIPLAST NC is compatible with all types of cement which are produced in Cyprus. It can also be combined with all other Concrete Admixtures manufactured by our company.

UNIPLAST NC is an effective plasticiser and the water content of the mix can generally be reduced whilst still maintaining the same workability. This will give increased ultimate and early strength. It is recommended that site trials with the particular aggregates and cement are carried out to determine final mix proportions


  • To accelerate the setting and early strength gain of concrete and mortar mixes without the introduction of chloride.


  • Chloride free, safe to be used in reinforced and prestressed concrete.
  • Achieved High early strength with ordinary and rapid setting cements.
  • Achieved water reduction improves significantly compressive strengths at all ages.
  • Early setting provides improved resistance to frost attack.
  • Can be used with all types of Portland cement and equally with all concrete and bricklaying mortar mixes.

Uniplast NC Specifications

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