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Uniplast Oil

Chemical Mould Release Agent


UNIPLAST OIL is a specially formulated blend of mineral oils and chemicals with release properties, which are superior to those of conventional mould oil.
The reactive chemicals promote a water repellent interface which protects both steel and timber formwork ensuring at the same time an even colour and texture in the cast concrete.

Whilst preventing adhesion of the cement matrix to the formwork, Uniplast OIL allows air, which would otherwise be trapped, to escape from the interface during vibration. This air release property minimizes surface blemishes and results in a substantial reduction in remedial costs.


Specific gravity: UNIPLAST OIL is supplied as a pale straw-coloured liquid ready for application and has a Specific gravity of 0.83 at 20oC.

Temperature limitations: UNIPLAST OIL is best applied up to temperatures of 60oC.

Formwork surfaces: UNIPLAST OIL is designed for use with polyurethane coated surfaces and is compatible with timber, steel, GRP and other resinous formwork coatings.

Non-staining: UNIPLAST OIL does not stain concrete and can be used safely with white cement.


Preparation of new moulds
No preparation is necessary but if extensive re-use of timber is envisaged it is advisable to protect all new surfaces with a suitable polyurethane coating. All non-absorbent surfaces require only a single application. New unsealed timber surfaces should be recoated if a delay period in excess of 48 hours is envisaged.

Preparation of used moulds
All traces of adherent material either concrete or previous deposits must be removed prior to use. The use of Uniplast Acid Etch and Uniclean degreaser will assist in the cleaning process.

Coverage 20 to 60m2 per litre, depend upon porosity and texture of mould surface.


  • To provide quick, clean and easy stripping of moulds and formwork and ensure high quality fair-faced and concrete.


  • Provides excellent fair-faced concrete.
  • Minimizes cleaning of shutters before re-use.
  • Suitable for all types of formwork.
  • Non-staining and economical.
  • Prevents corrosion of steel formwork.

Uniplast Oil Specifications

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