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Unipol Waterseal

Waterproofing Material


Unipol Waterseal is supplied as dry powders composed of cement, silica and reactive chemicals which are mixed on site with water to form a slurry.


The surface of the concrete must be clean, with all laitance, release agents, curing compounds and loose material removed. This may be done by high pressure water jetting or acid-etching. New concrete should cure for at least three days and the surface then scrubbed with a stiff wire brush. Pre-watering of the concrete is essential and should be sufficient to ensure the concrete is well saturated in depth. Any free-lying water on horizontal surfaces must be removed.


The water should be added to the Unipol Waterseal and mixing continued until the slurry is free of lumps. More water should not be added when the slurry becomes too thick to apply.


Treated surfaces which are to be painted must cure for at least four weeks prior to decoration. The surface should then be neutralised with a 1:8 muriatic acid and water solution and thoroughly rinsed off with water. Where plaster finishes are required, it is essential that a sand/cement render is applied first whilst the Unipol Waterseal is still moist. The product is highly alkaline and plastic or rubber gloves should be worn during mixing or application.


Unipol Waterseal Concrete Waterproofer has been formulated to provide an inexpensive, penetrative treatment against moisture and water for new and old concrete and is effective on moist surfaces. Surface preparation is minimal and easy to apply. When applied to concrete the materials form insoluble crystal complexes in the capillary tracts and fine shrinkage cracks within the structure providing maintenance-free protection. The product is non-toxic and may be used in contact with drinking water and allows the passage of water vapour. Unipol Waterseal waterproofs and protects concrete against moisture and water and thus minimises the effects of frost.


  • Unipol Waterseal protects concrete against moisture and water and thus minimises the effects of frost.
  • The product is resistant to many salts, alkalies and seal water.
  • Unipol Waterseal provides a long-term protection as the waterproofing chemicals become an integral part of the structure.

Unipol Waterseal Specifications

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