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Uniroc Grout SP

Cementitious Non – Shrinking Pourable Grout


UNIROC GROUT SP is supplied as ready to use dry cementitious powder requiring only the correct amount of prescribed water to produce a free flowing non-shrink grout for gap widths of 10-100 mm. The material is a blend of Portland cements, specially graded fillers and chemical additives which control water addition, expansion in the plastic and hardened states and ensures high early strength and long term durability.


At fluid consistencies (4.0 - 4,8 litres of water per 25-kg bag of UNIROC GROUT SP) the following results were obtained:

Compressive strength: 18 N/mm2 @ 24 hrs — 37 N/mm2 @ 7 days — 60 N/mm2 @ 28 days
Flexural strength: 2.5 N/mm2 @ 24 hrs — 8.0 N/mm2 @ 7 days — 10.0 N/mm2 @ 28 days


The substrate surface must be free of oil, grease or any loosely held material. Pre-soaking is necessary for a minimum of 2 hours prior to grouting. Any free water should be removed before grouting begins. The base plate should be clean of oil, grease or scale. Formwork should be constructed to be leak proof using sealant.

For best results a mechanical powdered grout mixer should be used. Do not use a colloidal impeller mixer. It is advised that the grouting operation is carried out in a continuous fashion. The water needed should be accurately measured and placed first into the mixer. The grout is then added slowly and mixed continuously for 5 minutes so as to ensure a smooth and even consistency.
To achieve the correct consistency, the amount of clean water that is added to a 25-Kg bag at 20 oC is:

Flowable: 4.0 - 4.5 litres.
Fluid: 4.5 - 4.8 litres.

When ambient temperatures exceed 35 oC cool water (below 20 oC) should be used for mixing the grout.

Place the grout as soon as the mixing is finished to gain the full benefit of expansion process.

UNIROC GROUT SP may be placed in thickness up to 100 mm in a single pour when used as an under plate grout. For thicker sections it is necessary to fill out UNIROC GROUT SP with well-graded aggregates to minimise temperature rise. Continuous grout flow is essential. Pouring should be from one side of the void to eliminate the entrapment of air. If it is necessary to pump UNIROC GROUT SP, a heavy-duty diaphragm pump is recommended. Screw feed and piston pumps may also be used.

On completion of the grouting operation, exposed areas should be thoroughly cured with a curing membrane or continuous application of water or by using a wet hessian.


  • A free flowing cementitious grout for gap thickness of 10 to 100 mm, for heavy-duty support beneath machine base plates, crane rails and construction recesses


  • Dual expansion, non-shrink
  • High early strength
  • Durability
  • Non-metallic
  • Chloride-free

Uniroc Grout SP Specifications

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